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"United in diversity" - is the original motto of the European Union and signifies that via the EU Europeans are united within an open labour market: Besides reduction of bureaucratic and legal frontiers the many different cultures, traditions and languages are a positive asset for the continent.
Entrepreneurship education was identified by the European Commission as one of eight key competences in the recent draft recommendation on lifelong learning and development of an entrepreneurial way of thinking is thus broadly supported by the European Commission.

The COEUR educations perfectly react on these changes and present a unique opportunity to prepare students from all over Europe to become creative Intra- and Entrepreneurs within the European Economic Area and beyond. Participants of COEUR educations will gain entrepreneurial core competences such as

  • problem solving creativity
  • capability to build networks
  • self-responsible working
  • teamwork capability
  • intercultural competencies.

More specifically, COEUR offers various benefits to the following stake holders: 

Benefits for STUDENTS

• Learn European entrepreneurial challenges
• Find and develop new ideas
• Learn in intercultural teams
• Practice entrepreneurial networking
• Experience blended learning and cooperation
• Experience project management
• Experience creativity hands on
• Experience presentation challenges


COEUR educations are designed to be interdisciplinary and strongly encourage all kinds of faculties to enable this enriching experience to their students. The overall benefits are:

• Integration of entrepreneurial education into all disciplines
• Facilitate international cooperation
• Joined research
• Increase of international awareness
• Expand European network

Benefits for ENTERPRISES

COEUR offers a rich set of possiblities to enterprises and entrepreneurs interested in participation or sponsorship.

• Get fresh ideas for the future
• Creative problem solving opportunities
• Build contact to students at an early stage
• International recruiting opportunities
• Support in the ‘War for talents’ in particular for SMEs
• Networking opportunities in internationalisation