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Does your institution fulfil the requirments to establish a COEUR BCM network?


Your institution...

..has an Erasmus-ID

..is located somewhere in the European Union and interested in joining programmes

..has or is looking for a network of  3-5 European universities to deliver a joint

..educates undergraduate students at Bachelor level - no matter what is the discipline 


Your learning targets are..

..to embed the education of entrepreneurial behaviour such as curiosity, creativity,
  critical thinking, initiative and team spirit into the curriculum

..to offer an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship education across all fields of study

..to integrate innovative methods of blended learning especially integrating
  components of virtual communication

..to create an open learning environment where students can develop creative
  virtual networking through self-responsible working

..to educate intercultural competences through bringing students form different
  nations together


Your technological equipement..

..includes an e-learning platform to administrate your courses online.