Upcoming Events

4th Annual GW Global Entrepreneurship Research & Policy Conference


October 17-19, 2013 - Washington, DC USA


The 4th Annual George Washington University (GW) Global Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference is for all those interested in the emergence, survival, growth, or impact of new or entrepreneurial firms!



Please find further information on: www.GWOCTOBER.com


The 11th COEUR Idea Generation Workshop in Portugal

We’re looking forward to our 11th COEUR Workshop in September 2013!


The 11th workshop will take place in Góis in the centre of Portugal. Góis is a village near Combria, a city that hosts one of Europe’s oldest universities and one of the most important science based incubators: Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN). Based on these conditions Góis forms an extraordinary surrounding for our idea generation workshop.


This workshop is not only focused on building new European network of young entre- and intrapreneurs but also on enhancing entre- and intrapreneurial thinking.


The workshop’s main topic is “EURO-GREENPRENEURS” with focus on “Eco-innovation for a sustainable future”. Due to the current financial and economic situation coupled with growing environmental concerns at a global level the need for changing the paradigm of development and thus for eco enterprises has been formed.


Bringing students’ intercultural and team working competence to the top by offering stimulating conditions for team idea development is another goal of the workshop.


Examples of cross-border and multicultural entrepreneurial activities as well as entrepreneurs who succeeded in running their own business abroad might be inspiring for our workshop participants.


The 11th COEUR workshop will take place from the 9th September to the 14th September.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!