Founding Partners

University of Applied Sciences of Mainz

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The Institute for Entrepreneurial Behaviour of the Fachhochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences had been founded in 2000 to promote the idea of Entrepreneurial Behaviour in the university and its environment by information, qualification and support for entrepreneurs. It was embedded in a local and regional network by its donators amongst which are the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Crafts in Rheinhessen, the City of Mainz and the regional development bank of Rhineland Palatinate ISB. It has since then built its expertise in numerous courses, curricular developments, events and publications both on national and international level.

In 2004 it was the innovator for the concept of COEUR (Competence in European Entrepreneurship) which it initially developed together with a colleague from the Charles Skene Centre for Entrepreneurship at Robert-Gordon-University, Aberdeen, Scotland. The IUH  in 2004 hosted the 1st International Students Workshop on EuroPreneurship in Mainz and formed a network with 4 other universities from Poland, Portugal, Scotland and France (since 2005) which today ranges as the first international COEUR – Network and it was and will be participating in the COEUR - Workshops in the following years (Scotland 2005, Poland 2006, Portugal 2007, France 2008).

The director of the institute in 2005 and present project-coordinator presented the COEUR concept at the ‘Internationalization Entrepreneurship Education and Training Conference IntEnt 2005’ at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, 10.-13. July 2005. He had been Chairman of the German section of the AEI Action Européenne  pour l’Éducation, l’Invention et L’Innovation from 1997-2000 and is also successfully coordinating SOKRATES partnerships of his university in Great Britain, Portugal and Poland since many years.

The Robert Gordon University - Aberdeen

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The first Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies was established at The Robert Gordon University’s Aberdeen Business School (ABS) in 1995 in order to promote and research entrepreneurship.  12 years later, the Centre has been renamed the Charles P. Skene Centre for Entrepreneurship (after it s benefactor) and continues to focus on its mission to deliver academic excellence in both teaching and research in entrepreneurship, aiming to inspire students to see and know the world of entrepreneurial opportunity and to equip them with the knowledge, ability and understanding to build the businesses of tomorrow.

The five full time members of staff at the Centre deliver entrepreneurship teaching in various faculties throughout the university, including  modules within the Business School itself, such as the New Business Project (attracting long term sponsorship from HBoS (Halifax/Bank of Scotland)), a first year Enterprise Skills unit and an Honours year Entrepreneurial Studies elective.  The Centre has also established an excellent reputation for high quality research, with numerous publications attributable, and external commercial contracts have provided income for the School.

Following an association, including staff teaching exchange, for more than 10 years, the original Director of the Centre was pleased to assist the Institute Director at FH Mainz with the development of the COEUR initiative.  ABS hosted the second (2005) COEUR student workshop with student participants coming from 5 countries with the further support of the Scottish Institute for Enterprise.  The original Centre Director is currently an executive member of the UK Academy of Marketing, plays a leading role in the Academy’s Marketing and Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group (SIG)  including hosting the 2000 SIG conference, and he has delivered Marketing/Entrepreneurship teaching internationally, including France and Germany through Socrates, over many years.

ISCTE Business School

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IBS is the Business School of ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute, a public institution founded in 1972.

As leading Portuguese business school with a growing international reputation, our goal is to impact in the advance of management by offering high quality learning, sustained by a faculty recognized for their dedication to teaching and actively contributing to the progress of management, having a regular presence in the more important international scientific journals and delivering cutting edge knowledge into the class room.

Our programmes reflect a lifelong experience of being deeply connected with the business world and the ability of presenting the newest tools and knowledge of the different management areas, preparing the men and woman who are shaping the management landscape of the leading organizations of tomorrow.

IBS has a wide range of international links, running several double degree and exchange agreements and it participates in several international networks and in the main business education associations such as EFMD, AASCB and EABIS.

IBS is located in the heart of Lisbon, Europe west coast Capital and the closest gateway to Africa and America. Lisbon is one the safest cities of Europe and it has a very competitive cost of living.

Studying at IBS it can be an experience that may transform your future. We invite you to learn more about our international programmes and about how deeply committed we are to offer a highly valuable professional and personal experience that will fulfill each student ambitions and goals.

University of Wroclaw

Logo University of Wroclaw

The University of Economics commenced its activities in 1947 as a private, one-faculty College of Commercial Education. Three years later it was nationalised and transformed into the College of Economics and a second faculty was added. Today the University is ranked among the top Universities of Economics in Poland. It is a significant centre of education and research, and plays an important role in the international scientific community.

The University has four faculties of National Economy, Management and Computer Science, Engineering and Economics and Regional Economy and Tourism. It employs 683 academic teachers including 137 professors. In the current academic year the University provides education to 21,000 students. It offers full- and part time programmes of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. The University grants PhDs as well as doctor habilitatus scientific degrees. For over 10 years the University has been offering the entire Master Programme in English for business professionals (MBA) and since September 2005 another one for full time students (Master in Finance).

Wrocław University of Economics offers highly specialised education in a variety of business fields, in particular in management, finance, accounting, information technology for business, marketing, international trade and many more. Its graduates are prepared to continue their career as financial analysts, chartered accountants, senior managers in international corporations, executives in governmental and municipal institutions as well as successful entrepreneurs. The last field of competence has gained in importance in recent years and the University undertakes numerous initiatives supporting young entrepreneurs.

Apart from offering courses oriented on needs of self-employed business people, the University co-operates with various students’ organisations on common projects. The examples of such activities are those held by Academic Incubator of Enterpeneurship, whose participants take part in business-plan contests (last year the business-plan developed by the student of the University was awarded the 4th prize in the national contest of business plans) or events organised by the Students’ Forum of the Business Centre Club, which contacts young entrepreneurs with top business people of Poland.

The University of Economics has been taking part in the COEUR network since 2004, as well. What is more, the institution is hosting the 3rd COEUR Workshop, which is going to take place in Wrocław in September 2006.

Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne

Logo Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne

Founded in 1900, Burgundy School of Business (B.S.B.) is one of the most selective management schools in France, dispensing officially accredited teaching of the very highest level. The School opens the way forward to the very latest innovations in the field of corporate management.

Ideally situated in the heart of Europe, within easy reach of the major capitals, Burgundy School of Business embodies a long-standing tradition of international exchanges. It opens the door to new cultures and to the innovative, alternative and profoundly human European way of thinking.

The B.S.B.'s research centre (CEREN) focuses on instrumental research to excellent teaching in Entrepreneurial Management. Its main purpose is to provide educational programs with concepts, methods, and tools, enabling participants and business partners to take the ownership of both entrepreneurial behaviour and management best practices that make innovative business ventures sustainable.

Burgundy School of Business developed a 3 years specific track in entrepreneurship but it also has a professional experience in providing specialised degree programmes in the project field such as a Master in Business , Master in International Management or a Master of Science in European Business Administration.

Furthermore the Burgundy School of Business is part of the COEUR – university network since 2005 and has thus gained experience in the project field through the active participation in the Workshop. Moreover the school will be hosting the 5th COEUR – Idea Generation Workshop in  September 2008.

The corporate world is a core partner in the making of education programmes through the innovative concept of Work-Study Cycles which drives Burgundy School of Business’s curriculum, alternating theoretical course sequences with sequences for acquiring professional experience at scheduled times.

Institute of Finance and Administration

Logo Institute of Finance and Administration

Institute of Finance and Administration (IFA) is a modern and dynamic college. Although it was founded only in 1999, it managed to become the biggest private college in the Czech Republic. The number of the students runs up to 3 500. The IFA offers full-fledged academic education, both on the Bachelor and Master level. Students can choose 3 Bachelor programs (title: Bc.): Economics and Management, Economic Policy and Administration, Informatics, and 2 Master programs (title: Ing.): Economics and Management, Economic Policy and Administration. All the programs acquired accreditation.

Since its foundation it has always paid attention not only to the educational process (nevertheless this is the most important activity of the IFA), but also to scientific work and international cooperation. It has been organizing international expert conferences and scientific seminars, solving a number of research tasks and participating in professional projects for state institutions and private firms.

IFA participates also in currently running project Regio – Part (2004-2006). It aims at analysing the conditions of entrepreneurship in the region (north-west Bohemia and adjacent part of Saxony (Germany), the evaluation of the situation on the labour market, the examination of accessibility of the region and processing and utilization of analysis outputs for SMEs’ use.

The international cooperation of IFA is not limited only to the research projects, but the emphasis is also placed on the international students’ exchange. Since the academic year 2005/2006 the students have the possibility to participate in framework of Socrates/Erasmus program. During the year 2004/2005 the IFA obtained grant from Czech National Socrates Office in order to implement  ECTS credits.

The other dimension of the international cooperation is a close link of IFA to the City University, Washington, USA. IFA implements the MBA program. It is and American graduate study program consisting of 15 courses, specialized either in General Management or in Financial Management. It aims to prepare students for top management positions in national and international companies.

The Coeur-BCM is strongly supported by the top management of the IFA. It fully corresponds with the direction of development of education at the Institute. It will help to wider the scope of the target group regarding the bachelor and master programs.