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Recently, the success of the COEUR education programmes started to attract the interest of higher education Institutions outside the European Union. Since the idea of europreneurship only exist through its distinction from other entrepreneurial cultures, the COEUR project decided to explore its relation to further entrepreneurial cultures in the framework of an education entitled "COEUR Mundus". It has the same structure as the COEUR Workshop, but a different geographical scope and overall objective. 


 In March 2009, the first COEUR Mundus event took place at Nanfang College in Guangzhou (China). A group of students from the European COEUR institutions met with their chinese colleagues close to Guangzhou to explore the commonalities and the differences of the European and the Chinese market in intercultural teams. Throughout one week, they developed entrepreneurial ideas that seeked to make use of the needs and of the richnesses they experienced in their home market.

In March 2010, the 2nd COEUR Mundus event was held at Unisul University in Florianopolis (Brazil), where students from the European institutions did team up with brasilian participants to explore the common opportunities of the Brazilian and the European market.