The Module


The Business Creativity Module (BCM) is a one-semester course which was developed between 2007-2008 with the financial support of the European Union. It seeks to spread the COEUR spirit in the scope of an entire seminar that can be hold at any higher education institution in the European Union.

The module can be delivered in a network of 3-5 European universities for undergraduate students of any discipline. On a purely virtual basis, participating students form multicultural groups of 3-4 students from different countries known as 'Creative Venture Teams' (CVT). Preferably, we recommend up to 15 students per institution and altogether about 40-70 participants. The teams are challenged to develop an entrepreneurial idea whether a product or a service -  that is valuable for the European Market.

Weekly, locally held seminars and structured tutorials will support the students' understanding and formalisation of the creative process. The subjects covered at the seminars can be some or all of the following:

  • COEUR Introduction
  • Idea Generation and Business Creativity
  • European Culture
  • European Market
  • Virtual Team Building and Leadership
  • Market Research and Resource Assessment
  • Documentation and Presentation

Detailed seminar material for all listed subjects as well as further back up material is part of the BCM manual which is available for institutions interested in delivering the module. Amongst, there is a DVD with teaching material (propositions) and further details on structure and content.

During the course of the module, local lecturers are responsible to provide opportunities to meet venture capitalists, entrepreneurs or student entrepreneurs inspiring the students.

Furthermore a great part of the lectures should be taken to coach the CVTs and receive direct feedback from the students on the status of their teamwork. Less input during classes in favour of a strong focus on coaching and advising the teams is essential.

For further information on participating in the module please see under "How to join" or contact our team.